Peter Schramm

Hi, I'm Pete! 👋

I'm an indie games developer, passionate gamer, father, husband and software engineer from Cologne, Germany.

Professional background

I'm originally specialized in web- and platform development. I've worked mostly on SaaS platforms and have created some of those, for example in e-commerce, real estate and most recently AI infrastructure.

I've lead multiple teams and brought different projects and software platforms live from greenfield to production.

However my passion has always been with games, and so I decided to make a step to full time game development.


I've founded Mad Vulture Games originally back in 2010. The main purpose for this was the work on the Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition with the Community Patch Team.

When the work was done, I decided to start my own games and release those in the different stores. I made my way through the various stages of games development and improved on my output over time.

After a break from game development for a couple of years I'm finally back in 2024 to start a new project.