Editor Essentials for Unity3D


Mad Vulture Games Editor Essentials are a great tool to help you manage your every day life in Unity.

Need a shortcut? Get it here:

MVG Editor Essentials @Unity3D Asset Store


It delivers a nice feature set with functions you have been missing so far, including:
*UPDATE* Mesh Combination Tools to make your live combining geometry for enhanced performance easy
– Set to ground (or any other direction)
– Massively randomize scale and rotation with just a single click
– Flatten hierarchies of objects
– Mass rotate objects around their local axis rather than the combined center or pivot
– Show information on the current selection like amount of vertices, triangles etc

Here’s a video showing you the major features and how to use them:


Here’s a video showing how the mesh combination tools work:

This will be constantly enhanced and new features added, so grab your copy now to get all the free updates!

Grab your copy in the Unity Asset Store!

MVG Editor Essentials @Unity3D Asset Store

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