Raging Titan Help – Windows/Mac Version


Although much effort has been put into making Raging Titan run as smooth as possible there unfortunately sometimes are cases where you experience issues. Here’s a list of things which might help you – and in case they don’t please feel free to contact me with the form below. I will be more than happy to help you out!

Q: Do I need to run Steam when playing the game?
A: The Steam client needs to be running in the background for the game to work. However, you do not need to stay online.

Q: What happens if I stay offline during playing?
A: Highscores and achievements won’t work with the global player data in that case (who would have known…!). Instead any score you achieve will only be available locally and not be synced with your Steam profile.

Q: Are there any mean DRM measures which poison my precious machine with stuff I don’t want to have?
A: No. Longer answer: I don’t think DRM will help anyways so there’s no reason to put it in. The only “DRM-like” thing the game does is to check on Steam client being available, which has other reasons though.

Q: The game’s performance is pretty bad!
A: Raging Titan tries to automatically find the best settings for your hardware at the first start, but seems like it failed to do so. Have a look at the options (you can find that in the main menu) and try to decrease the graphic settings. This should help.

Q: This game is too hard.
A: It isn’t. Try again.

Q: I want more options in the settings menu!
A: I might expose additional options in the future, but let’s see if these will help for the moment.

If none of these answers help you, leave me a message!

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