Raging Titan Help – iOS Version


Although much effort has been put into making Raging Titan run as smooth as possible there unfortunately sometimes are cases where you experience issues. Here’s a list of things which might help you – and in case they don’t please feel free to contact me with the form below. I will be more than happy to help you out!

Q: The game’s performance is pretty bad!
A: Raging Titan is very demanding if you decide to use the highest graphical settings. It tries to automatically find the best settings for your device at the first start, but seems like it failed to do so. Have a look at the options (you can find that in the main menu) and try to decrease the graphic settings. This should help.

Q: Yikes! This game kills my battery life!
A: Yes, it does so in case the graphic settings are set to any very high value. Try to decrease the graphic settings in the options menu. Especially deactivating “HQ Shaders” will help.

Q: I’m stuck at the “Logging in…” screen! Fix this!
A: I will! Unfortunately I haven’t found the root cause of this issue yet. However there is a workaround available! Go to Device settings -> Game Center. Here, tap your Apple ID and select to sign out. Right after that, sign in again with your Apple ID. Restart the game – you should now be able to proceed.

Q: I wish I was stuck at the “Logging in…” screen, but I can’t get that far because the game is stuck when the main menu is loading!
A: This is most likely the case because you need to be logged in with your Apple ID on your device. It’s also a good idea to have Game Center enabled because otherwise you will only see the scores of yourself.

Q: Oh no, the game just closes itself and I’m back on my home screen!
A: The best guess is that there might not be enough memory available for the game to use. Try closing other apps before running the game. Important: Closing really means close it, not only suspending it!

Q: I’ve bought something from the ingame store, but now I got a new phone and my purchases are gone!
A: Try the “Restore Purchases” functionality on the store page in the game. This should bring all your stuff back.

Q: I hate advertisements.
A: Me too! That’s why I tried to give you an option to disable them. Any purchase from the ingame store will disable all advertisements!

Q: This game is too hard.
A: It isn’t. Try again.

If none of these answers help you, leave me a message!

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