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Wasps! is here!

Dig into the new worlds of virtual reality, take your Vive and battle the wasps in your garden!

I know you always wanted to do that. To take care of these little nags and shred them, cut them into pieces and nail them to the wall!

Step into your garden, take whatever tool you find and make these wasps wish they never entered your neighborhood!

What to expect:

  • Immersive VR gameplay
  • Nice selection of weapons – but not the weapons you are used to!
  • Ranged as well as melee combat
  • Break a sweat!

The game is currently awaiting permission in Steam Greenlight, and your vote can make it happen! Have a look at the Steam page and vote for the game!

Right now I am aiming at an Early Access release for a limited time to get in touch with the players, see what you like, which weapons and features you would see to get added and have you participate in the game. Of course there will be an early birds discount!

Vote for it on Steam Greenlight!

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