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 War has come to Earth! Evil forces are attacking cities all around the world in an effort to extinguish mankind. The best military commanders are needed to fight the threat and save the life on the planet!

You are their archetype. A tactical genius, a fighter without fear. Equipped with a sense for the situation and experience of years of battle. You are sent as the spearhead to stop the enemies. It is in your hands whether we will survive or be forgotten!

Raging Titan is an outstanding tower defense game. Build your towers and defend your Command HQ against waves of attacking enemies. Find ways to keep their forces away. Build channels of towers to let it rain fire and steel!

Versatile towers
Build your defense from a selection of 10 different towers, each with a special purpose and multiple upgrade stages!

Unique battlefields
Fight in soothing fields of grass, the dusts of the desert or the freezing heights of the mountains in hand-made and inimitable landscapes!

Explore the limits of your device
Sharp textures, smooth shadows, hundreds of towers and enemies, explosions everywhere. Get to know the power of the device in your hands!

Global leaderboards
Compete against others and show who is the best commander on the battlefield!

Get it now and fight the war!

Looking for help? Have a look at the help pages for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS!


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