Cat's Pleasure LogoEver wanted to watch your cat play with today’s technology?

Cat’s Pleasure is a game not made for you – but made for your cat! Let it play with your tablet or phone.

Key features:

  • 3 different settings to choose from
  • Hunt the mouse in the garden
  • Catch the laser pointer
  • Grab those feather which are falling down the display!
  • The app may take pictures of your cat while it is playing so you get so many funny moments!
  • It’s free!

There’s also a premium version available via in app purchase for just a little amount of money – such a little amount to make your cat even happier!

The premium version offers the following additional features:

  • Configurable speed, color and shape for the laser pointer and the mouse
  • Endless play time – no limit per level start
  • The delay between pictures is reduced so there’s a much higher chance to get awesome moments of your cat

Get it for iPad and iPhone in the app store!

Cat's Pleasure @ App Store

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers!

Q: How may I pause the game or go back to the main menu?
A: In the upper right corner you can see a “Menu” button. Once you press this button and keep it pressed, another button will appear in the lower left corner. Once you press this one as well, the game will be paused and the pause menu will appear which let’s you go back to the main menu.
Why is this so complicated? Because otherwise your cat might accidentially pause the game!

Q: Why do I need to pay for the premium version?
A: The main game is free for everyone and will give you and your cat so much fun! Investing a small amount can even give you more fun and make sure that your cat gets the play time it needs, because you can configure the different toys. Plus you of course support the developer of this application in creating it, maintaining it and maybe even add new content to it!

Q: My cat does not play with this app. That means your app is bad, doesn’t it?
A: Cats are well known for having their own mind, and just like humans not every cat likes every toy the same. That’s why you may configure the ingame toys when unlocking the premium version!

Q: Can my cat damage the screen with its claws?
A: Short answer: Very unlikely. Long answer: The display glass is a very hard material, usually harder than steel. Your cat’s claws are not close as hard as the screen display. This makes it very unlikely.
However, please note that you use this game at your own risk and no liability is taken for any damage done to your device!

QA: Is there any other damage my cat can do?
A: While letting our focus group testers – well, cats! – play with the app we noticed that they wanted to chase the sounds to the speakers. Some of them tried to bite the speakers. While your device should easily survive this without any damage I’d say the same as above: please note that you use this game at your own risk and no liability is taken for any damage done to your device!