You are going to create your own Unity game or application and need some help? Then Mad Vulture Games is your address.

Mad Vulture Games has a decade long experience in creating and managing games. While being involved in development of AAA titles in the past and managing the community of those Mad Vulture Games is now focussing on indie development using the Unity engine.

Mad Vulture Games – who is that?
Actually Mad Vulture Games currently does not consist of a team but is a one man show. Sole owner, worker and person to blame for anything is Peter Schramm.

You need a single script for your game or application? Let me know.
You need someone who may participate in a larger project as a freelancer over a longer period of time? Let me know.
You want quality work? Let me know.

I’m likely not going to create a full game for you, but I can help where needed. Just let me know.

If you are interested just send me a message through the >> contact form <<!

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