Raging Titan available on Steam!

Raging Titan Logo

Earlier this week Raging Titan finally made its way to the Steam store!

If you are fast enough you can still grab it for 20% off as an introductionary offer. Just follow the link below to get to the store page:

Raging Titan @ Steam

This is a great achievement and the feedback so far is very good. After some updates to things which have been discovered which are not too nice it’s now time to work on real improvements and additions. So far the suggestions have been very promising, and I’ll be working on it during the next couple of days and weeks, so stay tuned!

Raging Titan – Steam release incoming!

Raging Titan Logo

Raging Titan was recently greenlit for Steam release!

Soon you will be able to play the game on Steam as well, with both a Windows as well as Mac version being available soon.

The Steam version will include all level packs (and any future pack). Of course it’ll also be fully ads-free too, but not follow the F2P model anymore.

Right now I am working on implementing the Steam leaderboard system for the global leaderboards as well as do some necessary adjustments to give you the best experience you can get on your PC.

Stay tuned for more!