Wasps! – Let’s play!

Wasps! is out and so far you people really seem to like it!

Actually some of you also made let’s play videos to show the game, thank you for that! Here’s a small collection:

  • Game Hog
    This one is absolutely hilarious! These guys are smashing those wasps, you could think they never did anything else in their lives if they would not scream like little girls. 😉



  • ownedbytamater
    Another awesome video! He was actually the first to pick it up and seems to have a lot of fun with it, despite that there seems to be some issues with the setup of his device.



  • VoodooDE
    And finally a German let’s play from VoodooDE. Straight recommendation!


Thank you for playing and showing, guys!


Want to play too? Here’s the link to Steam where you can get the game:


Buy Wasps! online
Have fun, and good smashing!