Mesh Combination tools for Editor Essentials

The new Mesh Combination tools are ready!

Already some days ago Unity teams finally reviewed and approved the new version of the MVG Editor Essentials for Unity3D. Part of this addition is – among several smaller tweaks and fixed – a whole new tool: The mesh combination tool. For free at no additional costs and part of the update!

With the mesh combination tool you may easily generate combined geometry out of all your scene objects, have them group together, share materials and alike. This is actually necessary in order to save draw calls which still is a factor, especially on mobile devices.

Combining geometry for this reason is not new and Unity already ships with some scripts to help you with the process. The MVG Editor Essentials use an extended version of these scripts and – this is the main part – give you a fully equipped toolbox to generated combined geometry within seconds.

Just watch the video here to get a glimpse of the capabilities (also serves as a tutorial):

You can find more information on the tools on the MVG Editor Essentials page.

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