New Website, new design, new everything!

Mad Vulture Games is finally available in an all new design! Looks good, doesn’t it? Well even if not, let’s be honest, the old design sucked big time.

Actually ever since this website exists it was equipped with a design which could easily burn your eyes, rip them out, crush them to juice and afterwards laugh at them. We hated it, you hated it. Yet there was a reason for that, because actually the whole website was built in a couple of minutes during the release of the Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition as we (MVG and the Community Patch Team) did not have any further access to the old site and needed a place to show our precious jewel, as well as enable you guys to download the patch.

The bad thing only was that next to creating the Enhanced Edition(s) as well as taking care of Booty Hunt, which finally has been released about a year and a half ago as you can see from the time stamp of the last post (D’Oh!) there simply was no time so far to get rid of that burden of the past. Until now! finally got a new design, a new menu structure, ability to log in with your Facebook or Twitter account, better overview, better readability, we are also on our way to establish a Twitter account for these small time updates one wants to scream out here and there. Weehee!

Still you can find all the content and all the links like you used to. Nothing has been removed, just improved.

What do you think? Do you like the new design? Anything which needs to be improved further? Leave a comment!