MVG Editor Essentials available!

“Heck, what are those guys actually doing!?” – I guess that’s what you ask everytime you visit this page and notice: nothing. Nothing seems to change and you might easily assume we are sitting on our lazy asses counting all the money we would like to have. But you are wrong!

Over the past couple of weeks MVG has been working on improving some of the internal tools which we use in the Unity Editor and which have been created to fit the needs for game development. These tools have been combined in a framework, the MVG Editor Essentials, an editor plugin to the Unity3D toolset.

The great news is:

MVG Editor Essentials is available now!

For the short tempered – Here’s the direct link to the Unity Asset store:

MVG Editor Essentials @Unity3D Asset Store


The tools have been built to simplify everydays’ life with the Editor. To make mass object placement much quicker and comfortable. To help speed up the development process. All the details plus a video are located on the dedicated page for the MVG Editor Essentials.

There’s also more to come as the Editor Essentials have been built in a modular way and are meant to be extended over time with increased functionality. There are also plans for additional plugins, but those shall not be reveiled as of now. Stay tuned!