Raging Titan available on Steam!

Raging Titan Logo

Earlier this week Raging Titan finally made its way to the Steam store!

If you are fast enough you can still grab it for 20% off as an introductionary offer. Just follow the link below to get to the store page:

Raging Titan @ Steam (2970 downloads)

This is a great achievement and the feedback so far is very good. After some updates to things which have been discovered which are not too nice it’s now time to work on real improvements and additions. So far the suggestions have been very promising, and I’ll be working on it during the next couple of days and weeks, so stay tuned!

Raging Titan – Steam release incoming!

Raging Titan Logo

Raging Titan was recently greenlit for Steam release!

Soon you will be able to play the game on Steam as well, with both a Windows as well as Mac version being available soon.

The Steam version will include all level packs (and any future pack). Of course it’ll also be fully ads-free too, but not follow the F2P model anymore.

Right now I am working on implementing the Steam leaderboard system for the global leaderboards as well as do some necessary adjustments to give you the best experience you can get on your PC.

Stay tuned for more!

Wasps! – Let’s play!

Wasps! is out and so far you people really seem to like it!

Actually some of you also made let’s play videos to show the game, thank you for that! Here’s a small collection:

  • Game Hog
    This one is absolutely hilarious! These guys are smashing those wasps, you could think they never did anything else in their lives if they would not scream like little girls. 😉



  • ownedbytamater
    Another awesome video! He was actually the first to pick it up and seems to have a lot of fun with it, despite that there seems to be some issues with the setup of his device.



  • VoodooDE
    And finally a German let’s play from VoodooDE. Straight recommendation!


Thank you for playing and showing, guys!


Want to play too? Here’s the link to Steam where you can get the game:


Buy Wasps! online
Have fun, and good smashing!


Wasps! – Now on Steam!

Wasps! Logo Bright

Wasps! has made it! Was has been released!

The Steam Store finally has a new gem to offer – wasps!

Grap your Vive, crush the wasps, defend your backyard, use your tools as weapons in this new VR title!

Wasps! is completely made for room scale gameplay and will make you sweat while trying to fend off all the wasps which are attacking you!

Get it now on Steam!

Buy Wasps! online

More info here!


Revealing Wasps! today!

Wasps! Logo Bright

Wasps! is the latest game Mad Vulture Games has been working on!

This one finally explores the new grounds of Virtual Reality and makes use of the immersive roomscale VR by the HTC Vive.

You can get all the infos you need at https://wasps.madvulture.de.

This game is currently on Steam Greenlight and awaits your vote. You can help to bring this game to life by visiting Steam and making sure to upvote the game. Thank you so much!

Steam Greenlight Logo

Latest update for Raging Titan available

I’ve been working hard during the last couple of days and weeks on the new update for Raging Titan – and it is finally out now for iOS and Android!

There are so many things which improved, like a better camera movement, bug fixes, additional and changed effects, plus a whole new level pack available for purchase (and of course free for those of you who have already purchased the All Levels pack).

Download it now!

Raging Titan @ App Store (1136 downloads) Raging Titan @ Google Play (1412 downloads)

Below is an additional screenshot from the first level of the new pack:

Raging Titan Forgotten Cities

Mesh Combination tools for Editor Essentials

The new Mesh Combination tools are ready!

Already some days ago Unity teams finally reviewed and approved the new version of the MVG Editor Essentials for Unity3D. Part of this addition is – among several smaller tweaks and fixed – a whole new tool: The mesh combination tool. For free at no additional costs and part of the update!

With the mesh combination tool you may easily generate combined geometry out of all your scene objects, have them group together, share materials and alike. This is actually necessary in order to save draw calls which still is a factor, especially on mobile devices.

Combining geometry for this reason is not new and Unity already ships with some scripts to help you with the process. The MVG Editor Essentials use an extended version of these scripts and – this is the main part – give you a fully equipped toolbox to generated combined geometry within seconds.

Just watch the video here to get a glimpse of the capabilities (also serves as a tutorial):

You can find more information on the tools on the MVG Editor Essentials page.

Want to go directly to the Unity Asset store? This way!

MVG Editor Essentials @Unity3D Asset Store (1662 downloads)