Booty Hunt finally released, plus release trailer!

Booty Hunt has finally been published!

After a couple of days of reviewing the app, Apple has finally given approval. Booty Hunt is now available on the Apple AppStore!

Get it right here:

Booty Hunt @AppStore Booty Hunt @ Google Play

Additionally it is FREE, absolutely FREE for a limited time as a special release promotion. Get it now and support the game by rating it!

Not yet convinced? Well here’s the official release trailer:

Booty Hunt about to be finished!

Time for a progress upgrade!

While every single minute of free and not-so-free time is put into polishing and finishing the game, Booty Hunt makes great progress and is nearly finished. Just some last bits are left, such as some translations to be updated, some minor bugs to be taken care of, making sure that levels are beatable but not to easy to get done and such.

Booty Hunt will soon be sent to Apple for review, and right after that you are going to see it hit the shelves. Err, the App Store. Looking forward!


Pirate Treasure now Booty Hunt!

Just to make sure not to run into any kind of legal trouble, get the attention of an angry mob or have the bright lights of trademark lawsuits shine down on me, Pirate Treasure is now no longer Pirate Treasure. Instead, we’ll just call it Booty Hunt from now on!

So, remember. Pirate Treasure is gone. Long live Booty Hunt!

And just to make sure you got it:

Booty Hunt

Also, it’s very close to getting finished. Stay tuned!

Booty Hunt page launched!

Booty Hunt Logo

Finally it’s time to go public and show you the work of the last 9 months – BOOTY HUNT!

Booty Hunt is a game with a Tower Defense like style – and Pirates!
It’s planned to be released in Q2 2012, so very soon. Release will first happen on iOS devices, Android might follow later.

Check out the newly added page containing all the info and first screens!