Google Play Games available

Finally the Google Play Services integration for User Management, Leaderboards and Achievements is done!

This is a major upgrade and it took quite some time to get it done, but it is definitely worth it. The days are gone where you needed to manually enter a user name no one could ever remember.

Note that there are some more changes so far and thus you will need to re-do any of your settings in case you changed them before.

A new iOS version with Game Center integration is on its way too and currently waiting for review by Apple.

Raging Titan just released on Android!

Raging Titan Game Logo

Raging Titan @ App Store Raging Titan @ Google Play

Whoohoo, Raging Titan is now available on Android and has been released in the Google Play Store!

Tons of enhancements have made their way into the latest version which also went straight to Apple and is available in the Apple App Store too.

Still Raging Titan is completely free to play and only if you like you will pay a dime or too for additional levels. So get it now in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and fight the alien threat in this demanding and beautiful tower defense game!

More information on the main site at

Raging Titan is here!

It’s taken some time, but finally it is here!

Raging Titan made its way to the App Store now!
Raging Titan @ App Store


Raging Titan Game Logo

You like Tower Defense games, don’t you? Because everybody does! And I guarantee you will love this one.Have a look at the newly created page for Raging Titan where you will find all the information you need.The best news? It is absolutely free to download and comes with a range of levels which you can play without spending a single dime. Additionally there’s one level pack for now to purchase within the App – more will be added soon, so stay tuned!

Raging Titan Frozen River Twins Screenshot

More information is available on the game’s page.

Grab your copy from the App Store now:
Raging Titan @ App Store

Missing the Android version? Don’t be afraid, the Android release is near too and will be presented here as well!

Mesh Combination tools for Editor Essentials

The new Mesh Combination tools are ready!

Already some days ago Unity teams finally reviewed and approved the new version of the MVG Editor Essentials for Unity3D. Part of this addition is – among several smaller tweaks and fixed – a whole new tool: The mesh combination tool. For free at no additional costs and part of the update!

With the mesh combination tool you may easily generate combined geometry out of all your scene objects, have them group together, share materials and alike. This is actually necessary in order to save draw calls which still is a factor, especially on mobile devices.

Combining geometry for this reason is not new and Unity already ships with some scripts to help you with the process. The MVG Editor Essentials use an extended version of these scripts and – this is the main part – give you a fully equipped toolbox to generated combined geometry within seconds.

Just watch the video here to get a glimpse of the capabilities (also serves as a tutorial):

You can find more information on the tools on the MVG Editor Essentials page.

Want to go directly to the Unity Asset store? This way!

MVG Editor Essentials @Unity3D Asset Store

MVG Editor Essentials available!

“Heck, what are those guys actually doing!?” – I guess that’s what you ask everytime you visit this page and notice: nothing. Nothing seems to change and you might easily assume we are sitting on our lazy asses counting all the money we would like to have. But you are wrong!

Over the past couple of weeks MVG has been working on improving some of the internal tools which we use in the Unity Editor and which have been created to fit the needs for game development. These tools have been combined in a framework, the MVG Editor Essentials, an editor plugin to the Unity3D toolset.

The great news is:

MVG Editor Essentials is available now!

For the short tempered – Here’s the direct link to the Unity Asset store:

MVG Editor Essentials @Unity3D Asset Store


The tools have been built to simplify everydays’ life with the Editor. To make mass object placement much quicker and comfortable. To help speed up the development process. All the details plus a video are located on the dedicated page for the MVG Editor Essentials.

There’s also more to come as the Editor Essentials have been built in a modular way and are meant to be extended over time with increased functionality. There are also plans for additional plugins, but those shall not be reveiled as of now. Stay tuned!

New Website, new design, new everything!

Mad Vulture Games is finally available in an all new design! Looks good, doesn’t it? Well even if not, let’s be honest, the old design sucked big time.

Actually ever since this website exists it was equipped with a design which could easily burn your eyes, rip them out, crush them to juice and afterwards laugh at them. We hated it, you hated it. Yet there was a reason for that, because actually the whole website was built in a couple of minutes during the release of the Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition as we (MVG and the Community Patch Team) did not have any further access to the old site and needed a place to show our precious jewel, as well as enable you guys to download the patch.

The bad thing only was that next to creating the Enhanced Edition(s) as well as taking care of Booty Hunt, which finally has been released about a year and a half ago as you can see from the time stamp of the last post (D’Oh!) there simply was no time so far to get rid of that burden of the past. Until now! finally got a new design, a new menu structure, ability to log in with your Facebook or Twitter account, better overview, better readability, we are also on our way to establish a Twitter account for these small time updates one wants to scream out here and there. Weehee!

Still you can find all the content and all the links like you used to. Nothing has been removed, just improved.

What do you think? Do you like the new design? Anything which needs to be improved further? Leave a comment!