Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition 1.75 available for download!

EDIT 3: New download mirrors for AtomicGamer, The Patches Scrolls, World of Gothic plus a torrent have been added! Thanks a lot guys!

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After a series of non-official patches for Gothic 3 we finally got another official patch version: CP 1.75. It can be installed on every Gothic 3 version, is available for each language and contains all previous patches.

Download Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition 1.75
Torrent (with MVG as webseed) Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition 1.75 Torrent File
Mirror @AtomicGamer
Mirror @The Patches Scrolls
Mirror @World of Gothic
Mirror @GamesDot

Checksum: Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition v1.75 MD5 Checksum

You have to start a new game after the installation. Old savegames are not compatible.

There were several changes since the last official patch: Beside countless major and minor bug fixes, graphics and performance improvements there an “Alternative Balancing” and alternative A.I. was introduced with CP 1.70.

Compared to the previous patch (1.74) CP 1.75 offers widescreen support for the menues, new graphics options (like color grading or FXAA) and decreasing of stuttering by using a shader cache.

In addition to this the patch includes a ModKit, the Gothic 3 Genome Lite Edition. Using that ModKIt there are possibilities to change or create new game contents in a limited ways. There were also more possibilities added for modders. The new features and the ModKit are explained in the respective modder manual and editor guide.

Changes in that patch will be listed in the changelog and further explained in the readme file.

Gothic 3 EE 1.75 Changelog EN



21 thoughts on “Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition 1.75 available for download!

  1. Thank you for fixing again this great game. Good job! I hope Steam versions will be automatically updated, as I got a copy of Gothic Universe to give away while it was on sale and that would be very nice for all too to enjoy G3 e G3 FG.

  2. Hi Beat,
    Is another patch going to be released soon? (or is this the final patch?) If another patch is in the offing, I would rather wait until the new patch is released. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi!

      Well a second ago the upload for the clean 1.75 download was finished, as the original download had some problems with a couple of buggy files which went into the patch by accident. This post has been updated with the up-to-date info on that, so you should be able to update in no time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Apart from that I am not aware of any future plans of the CPT to release further patches. But you know, even if it’s said “this one is the last patch, definitely, I swear! Really! We mean it!” – you’ve heard that a couple of times in the past, so one never knows. 😉
      But nevertheless, this patch contains most of the fixes which have originally been introduced for the Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition and should have been brought to the main game as well, so there was really a good reason to have this patch despite all “we’re done!” announcements from the past.

      However, I would not bet any money on a future patch, so I definitely recommend: Grab it! Install it! Play the game! “Wait and see” and procrastination are the sins of the modern age. 😉

  3. Do you guys intent on making a torrent file? I wouldn’t mind seeding this huge update.

    BTW, thank you for all your hard work on this cult classic RPG. I played for 300 hours. Time to play another 100 more!

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  5. “The hero isn’t able to go to sleep, open chests, sit down, sharpen any weapons or use other interactive objects while being under attack.”

    The skeletons right behind the door to the Al Shedim temple will initiate combat before the player can make his way to the door, and the “can’t open doors while in combat” message will pop up, making this part of main quest impossible to complete. Sneaking or the shroud spell don’t get you past this issue.

    However, enabling the console by either editing ge3.ini or by typing “marvin” in-game and using the “Invisibility” command to approach the door unseen works.

  6. hey there! this is so awsome! really big congrats on this!

    BUT – i wanted to ask – IS there any way to add back the shader 2.0 and 1.4 support?
    its kinda really annoying – i mean, i how to downgrade the patch 1.74 just to play i, because i dont have a shader 3.0 card..

    that would be nice, if such changes would be possible.. 🙂

    thanks again for your enormous work for the gothic community 🙂


    • Unfortunately this is not possible since those older shader models do not deliver functions which are necessary for the game to work. However, SM 3.0 has been released quite a while ago and thus I am sure that your graphics card is quite old. I can assure you that you will have even more fun with the game when running it on a more recent card. You don’t need one of these MOST recent high end multi hundred dollars card. So – I highly recommend upgrading!

  7. Hi Beat,

    Is there a way to officially endorse this patch with Nordic Games so it can we lot that uses Steam can actually get the “Enhanced Edition” of G3 without manual patching it, just like what was done for Forsaken Gods on Steam?

    • Hi Jacques,

      Unfortunately this patch was neither released as an official update to the game nor did MVG put any effort in this, so basically I was not involved in any work for this one (apart from the work which was done for other versions but was able to be re-used) – makes it a bit hard to jump in then. 😉

      So in the end it’s up to the CPT itself and Nordic whether they will make this an “official” one or not – which is most likely not going to happen for a more or less complex reason:
      The Forsaken Gods patch has been done in cooperation with Nordic / JoWooD, which means it has gotten their support and approval with – among others – QA. This did not happen with this patch. So the question is about liability. Gothic 3 on Steam is owned by Nordic, which means Steam keeps Nordic liable for anything happening with the game. If the patch renders the game unusable (for any kind of reason) Nordic cannot grant any further support for this. In conclusion that means that the CPT needs to be held liable, though it is not, as it is not their game.

      More or less at least, and among other reasons.

      I personally would like to see this patch released for the Steam version as well, because it’s great. Yet I am unfortunately sure that this is not going to happen.


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