Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition 1.75 available for download!

EDIT 3: New download mirrors for AtomicGamer, The Patches Scrolls, World of Gothic plus a torrent have been added! Thanks a lot guys!

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After a series of non-official patches for Gothic 3 we finally got another official patch version: CP 1.75. It can be installed on every Gothic 3 version, is available for each language and contains all previous patches.

Download Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition 1.75 (121735 downloads)
Torrent (with MVG as webseed) Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition 1.75 Torrent File (60433 downloads)
Mirror @AtomicGamer (7141 downloads)
Mirror @The Patches Scrolls (4981 downloads)
Mirror @World of Gothic (7899 downloads)
Mirror @GamesDot (3341 downloads)

Checksum: Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition v1.75 MD5 Checksum (5717 downloads)

You have to start a new game after the installation. Old savegames are not compatible.

There were several changes since the last official patch: Beside countless major and minor bug fixes, graphics and performance improvements there an “Alternative Balancing” and alternative A.I. was introduced with CP 1.70.

Compared to the previous patch (1.74) CP 1.75 offers widescreen support for the menues, new graphics options (like color grading or FXAA) and decreasing of stuttering by using a shader cache.

In addition to this the patch includes a ModKit, the Gothic 3 Genome Lite Edition. Using that ModKIt there are possibilities to change or create new game contents in a limited ways. There were also more possibilities added for modders. The new features and the ModKit are explained in the respective modder manual and editor guide.

Changes in that patch will be listed in the changelog and further explained in the readme file.

Gothic 3 EE 1.75 Changelog EN (14528 downloads)