Enhanced Edition to be released next week!

All work is done, everything’s ready, just a few checks are left, and some preparations to be done.
But finally, the Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition will be available to you next week!

Next to the patch version which will update all available versions of Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods to the Enhanced Edition you will also be able to buy your own copy of your Enhanced Edition via Steam. Languages supported will be English, German, French*, Italian* and Spanish*.

You may also download the changelogs now (Attention, Spoilers included)!
Here they are:
Changelog EN
Changelog GER
Changelog PL
Changelog IT

* – English voices, texts translated

7 thoughts on “Enhanced Edition to be released next week!

  1. That’s great guys, I bought this game about 2-3 months ago and have been waiting only a little while as compared to a lot of others for the patch to properly fix it.
    I like how you have organized yourselves to be able to fix this for JoWood and their fans. I hope JoWood really appreciate that you are so dedicated and talented.
    Thank you, eagerly awaiting the enhanced edition.

  2. The patch version can be applied to all versions which are available at this time for Gothic 3 FSG – no matter which language. So you can patch your polish copy of the game without any problems.

    However, on Steam you won’t be able to purchase the Polish version due to licensing reasons.

  3. Will there be a version with French sound and not just French subtitles?

    I think the French market is big enough to warrant a real French version of the game and not just a watered down version with subtitles.

    • Hi!

      So far, all work has been done which could be done. There is no further action taken on the addon, at least not from any official party. Modding is a different story of course and that’s up to the community.
      But to answer your question: French voice overs have unfortunately not been recorded for the intial release back in 2008. (Re-)Recordings of any voice overs would have needed quite some budget and time, and therefore this has not been done and won’t be done.

      The Enhanced Edition as it is right now is the final version.


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