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After long days of work it is finally here, one of the biggest update to Raging Titan so far! It’s available for all platforms right now, and actually you should already see the download getting closer and closer to finishing.

Level_06_0040_Screenshot_1 Level_06_0040_Screenshot_2

So, what’s changed? A lot? What’s added? Feels like even more! Let’s check it out:

  • 4 new levels in the new level pack “Archipelago” – available to all owners of the “All Levels” pack or via direct In-App Purchase
  • Switch profiles for towers – either use a “balanced” profile which is the usual behavior, or trade damage for increased range!
  • New Superweapon added! You may now emit a deadly blast from your HQ, vaporizing everything in range! It takes a while to reload, and the more often you use it the longer it takes, so choose wisely when to use it!
  • Added ability to quickly jump to the HQ
  • Fixed towers somestimes being hard to select without centering the camera first
  • Increased base range for Rocket and Plasma Towers
  • Removed sharing & rewards – levels “The Gorge” and “Sand Sea” are now available to everyone
  • Removed some debris from levels “Dead Roads” and “Downtown Destruction”
  • Reworked explosions to not be too obtructive
  • Fixed bad lightning in “Earths Inner”
  • Fixed sounds from the HQ not playing
  • Fixed UI icons sometimes showing wrong
  • Fixed some option toggles which were not working from time to time

Get it now for the platform of your choice!

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